“On Returning to Tent Rocks with Friends” is Published.

New Mexico is different from any other place.  “But,” you may say, “that is true of all states.”  I agree, dear reader, but I doubt people from Ohio ever have to explain that Ohio is part of the United States.  Unfortunately, us New Mexicans must often explain that “No, we are part of the United States, not part of Mexico,” and really that is just tip of the iceberg.

New Mexico is currently celebrating its bicentennial.  One of the many events honoring New Mexico’s 200 years of statehood is 200 New Mexican Poems, an awesome online anthology that you should check out.

I’m honored that my poem, “On Returning to Tent Rocks with Friends,” is 1 of the 200 hundred.


5 thoughts on ““On Returning to Tent Rocks with Friends” is Published.

  1. Congrats on a beautiful poem! I love Tent Rocks and yes, New Mexico is beautiful and different than anywhere else. I’m also wondering if we know each other. We just moved from Albuquerque to Austin not too long ago and I was involved in the poetry scene there. I was published in the first Adobe Walls. I just looked for my copy to see if your poem was in the same edition but can’t find my copy right now. Thanks for a good read and awesome pic too. Please eat some green chile for me. -Liza Wolff-Francis, Matrifocal Point

  2. Thanks. I would find it surprising if we had not met, but I have terrible memory. I think we have some friends in common, in fact I found out about your blog from a friends facebook page.

    I am in that first issue of Adobe Walls. I just grabbed my own copy and read your poems; wow that is some powerful stuff.

    I’ll take any excuse to eat green chile.

    • How fun! It’s a small world! Maybe we’ll meet up some day when I’m over there visiting 🙂
      I will keep looking for my Adobe Walls copy to check out your work! We’re still getting organized-and the poetry books are unfortunately scattered! Thanks again! -Liza

      • Jennifer-
        Finally found Adobe Walls- Love your “The Poem I Wasn’t Able To Write.” It has some amazing lines
        “Unable to hold the weight// of nightmares, I groped// in the dark, finding shards// of glass, catching// splinters of bone.”
        And I love the progression- from London, Paris and Moscow disappearing “wouldn’t be as catastrophic as this” to: “another rare insect with a hint of blue// in its wings will go extinct// and it will be worse than losing you.”
        Awesome poem! -Liza

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