Creative Nonfiction Too

Recently, I tried my hand a creative nonfiction and wrote a short piece to read at the Duke City DimeStories open mic.

A DimeStory is  a prose piece (with beginning, middle, and end) that can be read in three minutes or less. These reading take place not just in my hometown of Albuquerque but also in San Diego, Orange County, and New York. After the open mic is finished, the audience votes on their favorites, and the top three stories are posted as sound recordings on the website. You should take a listen to the awesome work there.

Back to my nonfiction piece. Creative nonfiction isn’t really a genre I’m all that familiar with. Since I would only have three minutes to read (about 500 words), I decided to stick to some simple themes: religion, death, chance, and family history. To my amazement– and the fact that I kept my finger crossed– my piece was selected as the Duke City’s best of June. Here is a link if you’re interested in giving it a listen, be sure to check out the other best of.

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