A Few Reasons to Write

As you’ve read this blog, have you ever wondered the reasons I write? Well if you have you’re in luck– you can read my reasons here.  If you haven’t wondered why I write, you should still check it out for the other great writers featured.

As you can see my friend has recently started the I Write Because Project— inspired by a summer workshop she took with Priscilla Long.  As I know many of you are writers as well, you should submit your reasons for writing.  You can find the guidelines here.

I look forward to seeing why all of you write.

Edouard Manet– Woman Writing

3 thoughts on “A Few Reasons to Write

  1. Great post Jennifer! Love your reasons! You wrote that you write ‘because sometimes you don’t even know what you’re thinking until you can read it on the page’ and that is definitely one reason I write. I also especially loved:

    “I write because old stories are not meant to grow stale in volumes, they’re meant to change in the mouths of each generation.”

    Beautiful, poetic- and right on! Thanks for the post!
    -Liza Wolff-Francis, Matrifocal Point

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