Two Milestone

Illustration by Walter Crane

While I’ve linked to poems that I’ve published in the past, I’m happy to be able to, for the first time, link to a published piece of fiction, “Not All Enchantments Have a Happy Ending.” You can read it here at the Río Grande Review. It’s a flash fiction piece and a dark fairy tale that takes a little inspiration from “Brother and Sister.” Be sure to check out some of the other stories and poems published in the issues. I particularly enjoyed Karin Rosman’s  “Three Does and a Buck.”

In other news, this has shown up in my notifications:


I had always assumed that my internet writing was something akin to yelling into a void. Due to my self-doubt, I could not believe that anyone would want to read my writing, so my first follower shocked me almost as much as the 500th. In fact that self-doubt is so great that I keep thinking of reasons to be suspicious, usually along the lines of some century old conspiracy involving pirates and space aliens who are not interested in reading my ramblings. But in all seriousness, thank you for following and reading my blog. I really do a appreciate it.


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