A Few Last Minute Things

As midnight approaches my part of the world, there are a few things left from 2013 that I would like to get done. First of all I would like to brag (you know I’ve been busy if I’ve forgotten to brag about myself).

In October, my poem “The Fitcher’s Birds” was published here in Gingerbread House Literary Magazine. The poem deals with the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “The Fitcher’s Bird,” which I’ve discussed in an earlier post. Gingerbread House Literary Magazine has since published their December issue, and, while I’m not in it, it is well worth the read.

More recently, my poem “The Fall of Ithaca” was published here in the December issue of Rose Red Review. As you can tell from the title, the poem deals with Odysseus’ return home. I’ve also been enjoying reading the rest of this issue.

Waterhouse’s Penelope and the Suitors

I’m lucky enough to know two of the editors of As/Us: A Space for Women of the World, a wonderful magazine that publishes both online and in print focusing on women of color. They are currently raising funds for their Reach the Rez Campaign to continue their magazine and also to provide free issues to schools, libraries, and communities.  You can find a link to the campaign here if you’re interested.

Finally, I hope all my readers have a happy New Year!


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